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Full arcade experience using Launchbox while also using coin receptor.


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This may be a novice question, and I'm okay with that! I have looked relatively thoroughly throughout the forums and utilizing Google, yet to no avail.


I have an old arcade cabinet with plenty of connections internally so I would really like to use the coin door & coin slot for the most authentic arcade experience I can get.


Are Launchbox and Bigbox capable of running on a genuine arcade machine, properly utilizing the coin door and coin mechs, so that it will run just like a regular arcade machine experience? For example, icade: The way iCade uses a front screen to let you pick the game you want to play, (the 60-in-1 jamma connection) then you utilize your quarters that you put in through the coin slot and the credits to the game you select.




I appreciate any and all feedback, positive or non, that I can get!


Thank you,


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Launchbox and Big Box are just front ends for accessing  emulators on windows based PC's. They don't run anything themselves. Once you select the game LB/BB hands over to whatever emulator you have set up to play that game. So barring a few arcade machines you'd be looking at setting it up using MAME. Now I could be wrong but I dont think there is any particular support for a coin mechanism exactly in MAME. In MAME you set insert coin to a button press. There are coin mechanism's designed for MAME cabinets that mimick a button press when a coin is inserted but I dont know how easy it would be or even if it is possible to do it with a real  original one.

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Depending on how your system is set up for controls and the coin mechanism it can be pretty simple. I use an Xarcade Tankstick one of my machine so it was simply a matter of running two wires from the coin selector switch to the left pinball bumper button on the Tankstick (default add coin button). Now anytime a coin drops the emulator thinks it is the left bumper button (or the #3 key from a keyboard). Basically that simple on other encoders too like an iPac.

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Thank you, I appreciate both of your responses! I apologize if I didn't produce clarity to what I was really inquiring with my question.
I have done quite a bit of work with launchbox so I'm pretty confident with it; the feature I am looking for is not necessarily it working with the coin Mech, because I have seen that can work with the emulators. The feature I am looking for is one that is shown in the video that I linked to, (starting at 1:50 on) : using Launchbox or big box to facilitate the games like icade, in an attract mode, and then when I put my quarter in it would let me choose which game my quarter is going to be applied to accordingly..

Just wondering if Launchbox could be articulated similarly.

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I see now what you mean. The attract mode in BigBox does not demo games it just randomizes your game media set to the intervals you input. Moving the controller or hitting any button just makes the system fall out of the attract mode pattern. So I do not know how you could accomplish the look from the video. 


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Thank you all. I'm might have to make a suggestion to see if it is at least a remote possibility. I think it might be a a plausible benefit for those who may want to use their cabinets quasi authentically.

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