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Help accessing keyboard during gameplay

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Hey Folks,

Recently made the big switch to PC for my media center. Signed up for the annual license (for now) and am loving Launchbox.

After tinkering, I was able to set up Retroarch, import SNES games, and get my dualshock 4 set up, but I still have a few issues I can't seem to figure out:

Once Retroarch starts a game, I can no longer use my keyboard except for alt-delete.I want to use the controller strictly for in game  controls and use my keyboard for certain shortcuts. For example, I'd like to be able to use my keyboard to:

A) back out of a game and go back to Launchbox

B) save states and load states

C) try shaders.

Any help would be appreciated.



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In RA you can bind two entries for each input of your controls. For example in mine up in a game is both "Hat #0 up" on controller and "Num 8" of my keyboard/Tankstick. 

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A) You can use controller automation in launchbox and bigbox to exit the emulators (they need to be setup separately). You set a hold button, then the button to close the game. 

B) Retroarch can bring up the GUI with a button combo also, you can set this in the input options. You can also set a hotkey here and set load and save states to a button combo also. If you just want to use a keyboard though F1 brings up the GUI also. But i would reccomend a controller combo so no keyboard is needed.

C) that is done through the Retroarch GUI also, once you have a combo or keyboard button setup.

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