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MAME .186 build supporting Default Artwork


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i don't usually download or promote 3rd party builds of MAME outside of the Official Websites.   but I ran across a build that has always been missing.   Default Artwork with Zip Support  Check out this you tube video.


If you are looking for Realistic Bezels in MAME and you don't have them head over to the video below

and grab these files.  there are currently 7 parts with previews.

  *Note the Zip File contains various .ini files and these will not work on your machine unless you replace the paths with your own or add MAME Default.   Look at your existing MAME.ini for the paths and backup your ini folder and mame.ini     Once you have fixed the paths your games will look like the ones in the video.   all the bezels are 1920X1080.  if the game view is hidden or cut off by the bezel hit "~" key within the game and use the up and down arrow to navigate to vertical and horizontal Position and Stretch and tweak the settings.     

Here is the link to the project by John Merrit https://forums.libretro.com/t/arcade-overlays/4084

Happy Gaming

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I have always used bezels within MAME or Retroarch with great results.   I don't know what benefit RL offers other than another layer between you and your games.  If someone can share what's so great about RL perhaps i will consider looking into it.  everything I use, LB  is able to launch.  


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I still don't really like retroarch, so for me bezels in RL are great.  The other thing is the PAUSE menu where you can save and load game states within that menu once you setup the autohotkey key presses, and the ability to map controls with joy2key based on database game entry.

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