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[Request] Different Tab for Programs

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(This request is for desktop version, not bigbox since I don't have premium.)

So I use LaunchBox as a nice organizing shortcut for all my retro games, and my non-steam PC games too. But what I'd like to do is to add a bunch of programs' shortcuts (for example: Blender, Discord, paint.net, etc) on my computer to this, without having them unnecessarily mixed up with the games (I have alot of programs on my computer which are hard to locate at times). I was thinking that there could be another button or something to switch from "games view" to "program view". If this is a feature in premium or if there is a plugin, please inform me. Otherwise I'd love for this to be a feature.

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Hi and welcome to the community. :) This is already possible in launchbox, you can add any .exe on your system.I would suggest going to tools/manage platforms and creating a new platform, say Windows Programs, you can then use the add button in the bottom right to add a .exe just choose the platform from the dropdown towards the top right of the new window then browse to your .exe. Here is a shot of the window.

Screenshot (315).png

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