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Higan, officially coming to RetroArch!


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Well once he releases the code it should be a done deal even if he gets all pissy.

While a Higan core will be nice because it is more up to date it really isn't that big of a deal IMO. I mean it's not like the SNES side of BSnes / Higan has been changed or improved that much since the code base for the current BSnes cores in Retroarch. And many of the improvements managed to get backported to the cores. Still cool to see this done though.

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This one gets a big "meh" from me. Higan and BSNES share much of their code and BSNES Accuracy is already at 100% compatibility. Hell, even Balanced covers everything except for Air Strike Patrol. If this was the only way to play MSU-1 games or something, I'd be excited, but nope we've already got that too between SNES9x and BSNES cores.

I just think we've already been at maximum saturation for SNES cores for a long time - this will make thirteen SNES cores. At this point, I'd be more excited if they implemented platform subfolders in the core list so that, for example, you scroll through and there's one listing for SNES, you enter it and now you have a list of the available SNES cores. They could put all the [this isn't actually an emulator, it's a one-off game] "cores" in a folder too. That would be a more significant improvement, as far as I'm concerned, then adding another SNES core.

I know, I know... more options are good. We gotta make sure we've got better than 100% compatibility. We need 101% compatibility for games that don't even exist. Ahh yeeee

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5 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

the ability to add manifests directly as roms for MSU stuff

You can already do that with the BSNES cores. If you do them with BSNES cores, you have to use the manifest, if you use SNES9x, you have to use the .sfc. SNES9x is easier between the two because the manifests aren't always right and sometimes they don't come with the games at all.

5 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

this could improve the dynamic rate control

Cool if so, though I'm not sure why that'd be dependent on a Higan core.

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10 hours ago, dovella said:


Before you celebrate, you have to see the system requirements

It will probably be the same as the current BSnes Accuracy core or a tad higher but probably not as much as the Beetle (Mednafen) Saturn core.

I agree with @Zombeaver that this sort of a "meh" thing but I am good with it happening. I don't really see any downside to having the most advanced and accurate option available.

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