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How to create a New Menu?

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How does one create a new menu in BigBox from the options screen? Has anyone released any project/code that could help me learn this? I have figured out how to make a new option item and have that item execute code but not how to load a sub menu from said item.

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I've not yet done anything like this. The plugin api lets you add a menu item to the System or Game text menu, but I do not see where it let's you add to the Options menu. Anyway, in the OnSelected method of ISystemMenuItemPlugin, for example, could you have it unhide a panel in the current view? -- the problem is that ISystemMenuItemPlugin is not associated with a particular view, so it would not have a reference to that panel, so that approach might not work.

I wrote a IGameMenuItemPlugin to display the PDF manual within BB. What it does is popup a window. Perhaps you could have your menu item do something similar -- pop up a window that would let the user interact with your control. It'd be nicer if it could integrate in BB more without having to popup a window, but I'm not sure how to do that.

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