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Drag and drop disabled in 7.13?


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Anyone else have this issue? 
I can no longer drag a rom (or any file) into LB to start the import dialog.  (i just get the 'can't move that here circle stop sign symbol thing')

I can still import them through the menu though it's just slightly annoying as I do alot of swapping. 


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hmmm. more investigation needed. 

I presume it's related to permissions, I got the "operation requires elevation" error for the first time after this update too.. Even though i am the only account, and set to administrator. 

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Update; It appears all programs need to be run from the same hierarchy. Retroarch was set to run as admin also, so when neither are set, I can run through launchbox.  lets hope there's not a situation where I need to run one as admin then! 

Is that a bug then, or a windows 10 'feature'? that drag and drop is disabled somehow under admin???

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