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I have some small questions and i do not think I should create a thread for each so I want to post here.  You can also point to any helpful videos


How do I add background videos to the frontend? I would like to edit the background video for critical zone.. I mean when there is no video I would like to add by own

Any video editor I can use to create themes and collages, free or paid!

How do I add BigBox videos.. I'm using default

Where are the platform videos stored?  I could not seen platform videos on theme folder I had to create a separate folder for my "Favorite" games videos


How  do I set to exit every emulator with the same button?  Is this even possible if not maybe this can be a future feature.






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1. In Cid's download page he has a guide on how to manage your background videos for his theme here

2. As far as video editor goes there are plenty out there. I am not good at it but I use Adobe Premiere and FIlmora. Both are paid software. I do not do a lot of videos so really have little input on this that could help you.  

3. How do I add BigBox videos?....What specifically are you asking about adding here? Game videos, platform videos, theme video? 

4. Platform videos are stored in Launchbox\Videos\Platforms folder.  That is if you are talking about the video of the actual platform. All videos by default are in the Launchbox\Videos folder. This is where you will find sub folder for Platforms (this is where just the video of each platform is - not the game play videos), Platform Categories, and each Platform System (this is where each systems game play video are). There may also be a theme specific video folders and anything put in the theme specific folder of videos would override the main Launchbox folder when using that theme.

5. BigBox options is where you will find the controller automation to set your emulator exit hook. If for some odd reason this does not work on a specific emulator some emulators you can set the exit in them (such as Mame) or you can also use an auto hotkey in the manage emulators settings in Launchbox to set an AHK Exit command. Thread here will help with some useful AHK scripts. 

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