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LB very slow/unuseable after import


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Well it sounds to me like the initial import when you used lightspeed, royally broke something in Launchbox, as you say the new one in the new install works as expected, so I would just copy all the platform xml's excluding the arcade one and your image folders and such to the new install and see if that works as expected.

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Yes, it would be nice to know what that was! Would save a lot of work. However if moving and re-importing it all is the only way, then I will look at that. What makes it more complicated is that I ran the exoDOS package, which installs LB and then adds all the exoDOS games and metadata. So I would have to figure out how to add that manually.

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Just thought I would provide an update here. It seems that the most recent update of LB (or perhaps just the act of updating the install) has fixed the issue. I imported my MAME ROM set (on this occasion just under 4000 roms) and I am no longer having the issues described above. Yes, it still takes some time to cache the images though that is within expected limits. 

The issue I am now having is that the game videos are loading somewhat slowly - when browsing though games in LB or BB the details and screenshots update almost instantaneously, though there is a 5-6 second delay before the video appears. If I have scrolled through a number of games then sometimes some of the intervening videos briefly appear and disappear before the right one appears. The videos are on a network folder whilst the rest of the media is on a local drive - though before you blame this, I have the same setup for Hyperspin which reads the videos off the network folder, and there is no delay with the videos in Hyperspin! I have asked about this on a separate thread so will hopefully be able to resolve this soon! 

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