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FM Towns Computer in Lauchbox with Mess

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how to auto-mount CD image using Daemon Tools for use in UNZ emu.

daemon.thumb.png.c65e89c82c7a6748f63dd4689f18b232.pngCommandline:   -m -t "dt"  -l "O" -p

Where "O" is the drive letter image will be mounted to.

You can select which Drive letter you want UNZ to use for CDROM.

daemon5.thumb.png.c4e9b08ea84806fffc052f700ed1e4c7.pngNext you need launchbox to run UNZ.exe after mounting the game.

daemon2.thumb.png.b4d9c6a41997e30103653d7796041244.pngdaemon3.thumb.png.498f5dbf640e09f0d012e49e311e69e0.pngPoint launchbox to where your UNZ.exe is

and voila it works.


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My latest discovery... loading a floppy and CD based game in MAME.  At least for FM Towns.

In LaunchBox, under Game - Edit and in the Emulation tab, check the box "Use Custom Command Line Parameters".  Then enter in the box below it

fmtowns -flop1 %1% -cdrm %1%

image.png.8d59d546139f290e867bb24f7c7a1e4f.pngThis will work assuming your paths are setup in MAME itself.  The easiest way I've found for Software Lists is to put the all in 1 folder.  Then all you need to tell MAME for the 'rompath' in mame.ini is just that one folder ("software" in this example).  So for Lord of the Rings 2, it would look like:

D:\emulators\MAME\software\fmtowns_cd\lotr2\the lord of the rings - the two towers.chd

To run this game from the command line, you'd use

mame64 fmtowns -flop1 lotr2 -cdrm lotr2

It will know to look for both the "lotr2.zip" file and ...chd_file under the "fmtowns_cd" folder because of the "fmtowns" parameter in the command line.

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