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not 100% full screen MAME 1.92


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Hi,  I am launching my games via Rocketlauncher and Launchbox /Bigbox.  In Mame 1.92 they are full screen left to right top to bottom.  When launched via Launchbox and Rocletlauncher, I get black bars on the left and the right of the screen.  I disabled Bezels in MAME and Rocketlauncher, but they are still there. 

Any Ideas?


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Hey guys! Sorry for bumping this old topic, but I am having a similar issue. I am not using RL or any other program other than LB.
When I run mame64.exe standalone and load the games, they go top to bottom in screen height, maintaining the aspect ratio to its sides, but when I launch them through LB, they display smaller in size overall not filling the height, like if LB was enabling some sort of integer scale or something related to the resolution. Do you know if I need to add something in the LB MAME command line or change something in LB to display the same as MAME standalone? @latin625 where you able to solve this matter?




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Hey DOS, I'm on MAME 196.

Just to be sure, LB launches the specified exe, and that's it, it lets it handle the rest, or does LB have any control in regards of screen resolution or similar? (Thinking out loud, as maybe LB triggers mame without letting it switch resolutions or something).

Dont know if it helps, but different games show different screen sizes through LB MAME. Kinda like if thet were being displayed in their original resolution, and not scaling over my 1080p screen.

I am checking command lines now, see if I can set something in LB to force it, will let you know if I find something.

If you can think of anything as well, I am all eyes. Thanks!

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Ok, I feel like a stupid. Disregard my previous messages.
Long story short, I was launching one rom variation (UAA) in LB and another one in MAME (UDA), and the one set in LB had a cfg file lingering there from an older MAME version.
Changed the default game to run in LB, removed the cfg obsolete file, and done.

Sorry DOS for the time waste.

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