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im hoping someone can help me. i got daphne setup in lb and all games run.. although for some reason when i go to configure a games inputs.. daphne doesnt recognize or see my controllers. i have 2 dualshock 4 controllers as well as 2 sets of joystick and buttons hooked up to my pc. every other emulator (mame, retroarch) work fine with my controllers. what could be the issue?


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On 1/30/2018 at 5:44 PM, Kmetz7547 said:

In Daphne loader. U can click on game and configure.. then u choose inputs tab and can map controls there. But for some reason, mine don't work since I try with windows and launchbox... 



Where you able to get this working? i'm wanting to attempt for the 100th time to get Daphne up and running in my new build, but would like to know i can actually map buttons to my arcade sticks ( using a joystick-usb encoder ). The sticks will be seen as the dpad on a generic usb controller. 

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I am not sure what version of Daphne & DaphneLoader was around in 2018, but the current version today I saw input_grabber.exe in the daphne folder. So I assumed that may have been added on to interpret controller inputs. But anyway, I just tested with Dragon's Lair with no 3rd party controller mappers and the game ran just fine using my Xbox One Bluetooth controller.

DPad was perfect
Game button = A & Y.
Coin 1 = L button
Start 1 = R button

So seems all good for me at least.

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