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Image Cleanup - PNG and JPG duplicates


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I'm going through my LaunchBox images and videos and cleaning out any unwanted and duplicate media. I noticed that all the of my images have an identical .png and .jpg version. With over 10,000 games on my build, there could be a lot of storage freed up if duplicate files weren't needed. Are the .jpg and .png files used for separate purposes in LaunchBox and/or BigBox or can I trim out one of those file formats to free up space? Thanks!

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On 2/11/2018 at 11:55 AM, neil9000 said:

I think Launchbox database files are .png while emumovies are .jpg, so that why you will have dupes with different file types.

Looks like it may be the other way around. Launchbox = .jpg, Emumovies = .png. Think this might be the case as I deleted all my .jpg files and quite a few box art files got removed even though the games had Launchbox IDs assigned to them. That is unless Launchbox IDs have nothing to do with artwork being available on the Launchbox database. Not exactly sure how that works.

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Hola, in my case i have a mayority of png, but some jpg where uniqe so if you just delete all files of one format you may end up with missing imagen. I Made a little autoit script to just delete de jpg that are duplicates, I can post the code here tomorrow if it helps.

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