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v8.0-beta 9 Crashes When Opening

The Papaw

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I've been running the beta versions with little to few issues until this version. When I was prompted about the v 8.0-beta--9 update, I allowed it, it appears to download and install correctly. When it self-starts, it simply crashes. If I try to run it from the exe it crashes Went back to the LB Update folder and the download is there, so I reverted back to v 8.0-beta-8, and all is fine. I checked all AV software and found nothing. Disabled all AV software and tried to update again with same results. I removed all plugins, that didn't help. Looked in the LB Logs directory, it is empty. Not sure what to check, any ideas???

System Specs:

GTX-1050 ti
32GB Ram
Win 7 Ult. (with the win update for the cpu issue)

I atached dxdiag in case it might help.


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I was literally just about to post the same thing.

I kind of need the beta too since steam importing isn't working in v7.16.
I however do not have any beta-8 exe file to fall back on since I installed LaunchBox yesterday for the first time...

I have turned on debugging in the settings.xml file, but beta-9 doesn't even get far enough to create a debug file.

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11 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

could it be you are using a view that doesn't use box art

no im sure. It displays most of them. I can't find a difference between the ones that show in bigbox and the ones that don't.  I've tried editing via launchbox and deleting and re-adding the boxart, which did nothing. I did an image clean up and updated to the beta 8.0 -8 around the same time so im not sure which cause the issue. I've tried converting all the missing artwork to known working file extensions png and JPG still same. I have recently selected all my games and updated just the metadata because i choose to use a them that used the game details, but i choose the option not to overwrite existing metadata.... I have also went though and made sure all the box art was "box art" and not "advertisement flyer" and vice versa still the same... so at this point i was hoping it was the beta and it was being resolved but its looking like its just me and I don't know what else to try a this point.

and its not theme related its the same in every theme i have tried including the default.

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I just ran SimpleProgramDebugger on LaunchBox.exe and got some errors.

I've attached the logs, one is the first error only, the second (larger) file is a bit more detailed, and the third html-file is a lot more readable. Don't know what you prefer to read :P
It seems to occur right after loading C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSVCR120_CLR0400.dll though.

launchbox SimpleProgramDebugger.txt

launchbox SimpleProgramDebugger2.txt

Debug Events List.html

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Added Debug Events List.html too.
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