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Hey guys... how do you set up a core to have different video settings than your default settings?

For instance, I have hard gpu sync set to "on" for my default settings... however, in Mednafen Saturn core, it's just too much and causes some lag... I want it set to "off" only when playing Mednafen Saturn.

I think I used to have it set up this way, but it's been a while since I have used Retroarch and I'm getting everything set back up properly.  Any tips are appreciated.

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Load the core and a game, change the settings to how you want it and then save a Core Over Ride in the Quick Menu, it's at the bottom of that menu.

If you are having problems with performance that you can't use Hard GPU Sync you should look into using the stand alone Mendafen, it's slightly less resource intensive.

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Thanks for the advice.  I tried doing a core override earlier but it gave me an "error saving core", so I thought that must not be it.

Does the standalone Mednafen have the gpu syn option?  I haven't tried it in a while.  I can run it full speed in Retroarch without the gpu sync on.

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I was having that issue the other day saving stuff so I started a new build and that fixed it. It was a version of RA I had been updating since 1.36 and not sure if maybe something in the cfg somewhere along the line had changed but starting fresh fixed the save issues.

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