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launchbox/bigbox dual monitor problems


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I have been having problems with both launchbox and bigbox with my dual monitor setup. launchbox is version 8.3 with the secondary monitor setup in Bigbox for marquee display using the default theme.  When launching certain emulators and games sometimes the launchbox/Bigbox interface gets moved to the secondary monitor. I have also had issues in Bigbox mode when launching certain emulators or certain games that the secondary monitor displaying the marquee gets distorted where the marquee image gets shifted halfway off the screen. I am not sure if this is a driver issue or windows 10 issue. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this problem please let me know.  I have found some workarounds by adjusting the primary display resolution for some emulators and games but i still have some games/emulators that no amount of tweaking fixes this problem.

My system consists of:

intel 3570

16 gigs of ram

AMD fx 550

primary monitor MG279 (running freesync)

secondary monitor HP LP1965

Windows 10 64bit

I have all the lasted drivers installed.

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Can you give an example of an emulator it does it with. Early on I had AMD and it did not play nicely with marquee set up and some emulators. I was able to get it sorted but it was over a year ago and I honestly do not remeber the driver version. I got rid of it and moved to Nvidia. I only remember it was a rollback from the latest that was available early 2017. Not saying it is a driver issue. Just sharing a similar experience. 

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The emulators that i am having the distorted marquee images with are Sega Model 2, Supermodel, and Daphne. When i launch any game using these 3 emulators the marquee gets pushed halfway off the screen to the right and part of the game info screen that was on the main monitor before launching the game gets pushed to the left side of the marquee monitor. Then when you exit the game the marquee image either goes back to normal (centered) and the game info disappears or the image stays distorted and only a restart of bigbox fixes the problem. basically the marquee image is distorted for the entire time you are playing the game. Sega model 2 and supermodel are running 1280x960 res for all games and daphne is running 1280x720 for a few games and the rest run 640x480 res.

**if i alt-tab off to another window while the game is running, the marquee image goes back to normal but the problem will return as soon as alt-tab back to the game.

The games that give me the most trouble that will push the entire bigbox interface to the secondary monitor on game exit are some of the taito type x games. One example is chaos breaker which always pushes the launchbox or bigbox interface onto the secondary monitor after exiting the game. I have tried setting high res, low res, and setting different display resolutions in gameres.dat and nothing seems to fix the problem

Normally i wouldn't care but this is all running on an arcade cabinet which will not easily have access to a keyboard and mouse.

hiding the handful of games that push the interface to the secondary monitor is the quick fix for now but i  want to find a stable solution for the distorted marquee image since this does affect a good amount of games.

As for the AMD driver i have tried a few recent ones but I am one revision behind the current and if i go back to any 2017 drivers then it might cause bugs with freesync.

I was hoping this could be solved with making some kind of setting change to either the display driver, monitor, windows 10, or maybe using DMT (dual monitor tools). I have no experience with DMT so i have no idea if this will even solve the problem.


Any help is appreciated.

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I figured out a workaround for my dual monitor problem.  The solution was very simple.  It turns out when you have your primary monitor setup on the left and the marquee monitor on the right you can end up with a distorted marquee for games that use lower display resolutions than the desktop. Simply swapping my primary monitor to the right and marquee monitor to the left made all the distorted images on the marquee monitor stop. why this makes a difference i have no idea but the solution worked for me.

I think the problem was certain emulators/games that startup at lower screen resolutions of say 640x480 were causing the bigbox window (which is minimized during game play) on the primary monitor to stretch into the second monitor and causing the marquee image to get partially pushed off the screen.

hope this solution helps others with the same problem.

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