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Controller Lag When Browsing Game Listing


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I am seeing an interesting phenomenon where once Big Box launches if I scroll down the list of games with my XBox Controller it is quite laggy. If I press back and scroll the views menu the controller skips through the menu items quickly but through the games listing it is quite slow. Strangely enough if I use the arrows on my Logitech wireless KB on that same games listing menu its fine!

Is there any reason my controller would be slower going through the games list when compared to the keyboard? yet the controller works perfectly fine on other menu's and within games?

The system is relatively new i5, 16GB RAM, 512 NVME Pro hdd on Windows 10 running Launchbox 8.3 latest build

also is there a way to make the start of BigBox  little quicker? it seems sound jerky at the very start when it announces "initialising BigBox"


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 I'm not 100 on this though but I think the users on here with this issue are only seeing it in BB itself though so while there may be some of the fixes online they may not be related but still may be worth investigating.

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Thanks for the prompt replies crew, missed them initially as good old junk mail filter was a bit over active. I did do a search of the forums but some how missed that other thread I will take a look now.

Yeh I have seen those threads regarding XBox controller lag but as @DOS76 mentioned I really only see it on BB and only on that one screen. The funny thing is I actually thought BB was just running sluggish the whole time and had been through the speed improvement thread last week trying to improve it but what I didn't realise until I busted out my wireless KB (normally I just RDP to the system if I want to make config changes) is that the BB interface once loaded navigates very smooth via wireless Keyboard, further testing then revealed it seems to only happen on the Games Listing screen. 90% of the time it does this and then sometimes if I go back to the view menu listing and scroll up and down the options a bit and then enter back into the Games listing screen it will scroll smoothly (but this is rare).

I had checked out all the general threads around Windows 10 and the Xbox controller, which seem to be one of those issues that is ongoing and not resolved but the main solution seems to be people buying the genuine Xbox dongle for the controllers which seems a bit stupid when my mainboard has built in bluetooth. I am swapping mainboard (same model just next CPU series) over the weekend so will see if that changes anything. I doubt it as I would be guessing the Bluetooth chip will be the same being that it is the same hardware vendor and mainboard series.



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I was able to solve my bluetooth latency issue by ensuring that the dongle was plugged into USB 2.0 port and not 3.0. apparently there's something about the 3.0 bus that interferes with the way BT operates.

Also found that I needed better line of sight between the dongle and the controllers so I connected a usb extension cable to said 2.0 port and routed it to a more centralized location in my game room. I then monitored the latency with DS4windows to ensure that it stopped spiking.


Some of the latency for me though doesn't feel like controller latency, moreso the way big box loads in images sequentially on particular wheel views.

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