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CefSharp WebGL not working

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@Jason Carr @Grila

I have an animated WebGL usercontrol that uses CefSharp, how come the WebGL part doesn't work inside BigBox?  Works fine in my test application.  If its plain HTML the control works fine in BigBox but the WebGL just crashes and goes black when hosted in BigBox.



I would like to interop this with Grila's weather control.

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In another thread, a user was having difficulties with CefSharp until he pointed to the one already included in LB. Just a thought depending on how you're referencing it in your plugin...

Here's the thread for reference: 


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Glad you got it working. I remember researching that back when I implemented it only to discover that it wasn't ready yet (iirc). I'm sure if we switched it would at least cut down the size of the installer quite a bit. But Edge isn't included in Windows 7, is it?

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6 minutes ago, spektor56 said:

@Jason Carr argh, unfortunately the Edge control suffers from the airspace issue where the cefsharp control does not.  Are you fiddling with CefSettings() anywhere in launchbox? what version of cefsharp are you running?  still can't get webgl working for cefsharp in BB

I remember there are a number of relatively serious quirks/bugs with CefSharp in WPF, so yes, we are fiddling with the settings out of necessity. We use "disable-gpu-compositing" and "enable-begin-frame-scheduling", one of which is probably causing the issue. Unfortunately those are necessary because of the quirks and bugs. I can look into upgrading here at some point to see if those issues are fixed though, but it might be a while yet before I can get to it.

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1 minute ago, spektor56 said:

Any other commands called on the Cef object or CefSettings?

I downloaded same version (63.0.0) as used in bigbox and i cant reproduce the issue in my test app :/

Not that I can see. Are you testing the WPF control or the Windows Forms control?

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