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 In LBN it is slightly too cumbersome to view images - pressing CTRL+I is a bit too fiddly and unintuitive. Right clicking and then seeking out "view images" is also a bit clunky. Given that media & images are so central to Launchbox, I think they would warrant a slicker and more intuitive way to view them. Perhaps a shortcut on the game details pane. The original launchbox used to/does have quick view icons above every game, but that method doesn't look great IMO and I'm glad it was removed from LBN.

On a similar note, when viewing images in LB, all that you see is the image. It would be good to have small thumbnails & labels at the side of the screen, so you can see which images are available and select accordingly!

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Old way sucked new way sucks (which is really jut the old way minus one option) do better. I mean I know keyboard shortcuts and the right click context menu are "fiddly and clunky"  perhaps LB should just read your mind and display your images whenever you get the whim to see them.

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keyboard shortcuts are like the fastest way to do anything on a computer so why you may think that its fiddly I doubt many others will and at the same time the right click context menu is a pretty tried and true method of offering options in basically any well coded program. These are tried and true methods found pretty much everywhere in software so if they aren't good enough for you I really don't know what else to say. I don't see navigating to the details pane and clicking something to be a better solution and that is the only thing you mentioned.

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Those "hover menus" aren't gone, just not implemented yet.  Jason calls them "mouse cursor popup options" and they are on his list. But I'll add a vote for new mind reading technology. I think that is part of Visual Studio 2019 ?

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