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Clear logo for LaunchboxNext 8.4


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Sorry if I do something wrong, I'm new at this.

Don't know if it happens with other images since I only have clear logos so I will speak about them. I believe it would look better if theys were attached to the center of the images' screen, not the background. The difference is that the images' screen does not include the game information in the right so having the clear logos attached to the background instead of it makes them a bit more to the right and some (the bigger ones) get close or even behind the game information (Picture 1). Also an important difference is that, when changing the images' size or the sides' size (the platforms or the game information) the clear logo should adjust. Picture 2: green lines marking the limits that I'm refering to and the new center in red. The white lines that extend show how the new center of the images would allign with the center of the games in the middle (In 4 games per view it would match with the blank space between games 2 and 3 in each line). Picture 3 shows how it should look.

This is correctly set in the OG version. Yes, I'm a bit OCD, sorry, but as a detailed person, this kind of things is why I absolutely LOVE Launchbox and everything you guys do. Hope someone sees what I see so I'm not the only crazy man who thought about this stuff hahaha

Have a wonderful day


Launchbox 2.jpg

Launchbox 3.jpg

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Clear logos in the background look awful. Change it to display fanart only. That way you'll see full-blown artwork from the selected game in the background instead of a tiny logo. I don't know why this isn't the default.

Here's a screenshot of the setting you need to change:

2018-08-15.thumb.png.01346e17bfe6f691a69a0a7974dce611.pngUncheck all but "Fanart - Background", that way. if no fanart is found, the default of that game's platform will be used.

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