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7 minutes ago, SagaXIV said:

Hello, while this is not formally a request, I was wondering if there's any way to easily scrape the SNES MSU titles when adding them, or otherwise. i have sparse media for some wheels, and sytem, and the like, but automated would be great. Thanks!

Just name the platform MSU but set scrape as to snes.

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Th easiest way would be to have all your games in their own folders (which you should be doing anyways). Name each games folder the name of the game and when you import choose to import with folder name, that should allow LB to scrape them properly.

The one issue with this though is you really should name the folders with more details such as patch version and which audio tracks because there are several versions for many of the games and if you don't name them properly you can easily forget what version you have.

Personally I just import the roms and then go into LB after and fix each game up, renaming them in LB and letting the scraper do its thing after. Yeah it's more time consuming but there aren't that many MSU games and there are even fewer good ones worth adding to the collection.

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3 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

If you do that though make sure you remember the file name because it matters and an incorrect name will break the MSU audio.

The folder name should still be in the edit window though right, so import with the real snes name then edit a game and get the msu name from the file path window there? A pain if you are adding a ton in one go, but if like @Lordmonkus you are adding games as they come in a lot easier to manage.

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