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How to correctly run Taito Type X/NESiCA games?


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Hi guys,

i'm trying to set up thi emulator with taito type X/X2 games and NESiCAxLive.  I follow a tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7rRWh9ttDc and i tried to download a couple of games: Chaos Code and Power Instinct 5. In both the zip file, i found a .exe file. But there isn't a rom file...so the emulator doesn't detect these games...

Probably i have to search games in a different format...?  I look for them a lot, but i only found .exe files...i don't find the games in a folder format like in the video that i linked above...


Or do you suggest another emulator, like Teknoparrot or JConfig?

I need an emulator/launcher for these games in order to play them with Launchbox/bigbox too, obviously :)

can you help me please?


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ok I followed this tutorial: 

Now I only need to know how to set up the joypad. Do you have any suggestion? I read that it is necessary to save the Jconfig.exe file (that is present in the pack of the Jconfig loader) in the folder where it is stored the TypeXtra loader...Can you help me? How can i config the joypad?


thank you



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i'm using a normal Logitech joypad RumblePad 2.  

In order to configure the joypad i run the typex_config.exe file included in the game folder and after that the joypad works correctly for the game. And i have to do this for every game. But how can i set the joypad for games where the file typex_config.exe isn't present in the game folder?

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If you set things up correctly in TypeXtra, you should just be able to click the Set Controls button at the bottom to set up your gamepad.

That said, I'm having a hell of a time with these games. Some work great, but I can't get Deathsmiles II to run fullscreen, and I can't get Raiden IV or Otomedius to work at all :(

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well, i'm sorry, what do you mean with "If you set things up correctly in TypeXtra," ?  Where I have to config the joypad mapping in TypeXtra?  I see that if i push the gamepad icon at the bottom it appear a pop up and it ask me to select a file...but i don't know which type of file :(

I still have to try deathsmiles 2 and Raiden IV. I will keep you updated ok? 

Do you know if it is possible to use the right aspetct ration and to filters? Some games like Power Instinct 5 has wrong aspect ration (16:9) and without filters isn't good...

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I'm struggling as much as you are. It seems that the process of running these games has changed a lot over the years, so packs you find online might not be set up to work with the latest launchers. I too have some games that don't have a gamepad setup utility included, and don't know how to move past that.

Not sure about filters and aspect ratio correction either. There just isn't much info out there on how to get these games working properly, and the information that does exist is often contradictory. Especially for Nesica games, I still can't get any of them to run at all.

Fortunately most of the games I'm interested in are available on Steam, but even so, there's something special about emulating the original Arcade version...


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yes i know.  Fortunately a lot of these games are available for console, i already have them (for ps3/ps4). But i would like to collect them also to run them on launchbox/big box as a collection :)

There are only few games, like Deathsmiles 2, that arent' available for other console. It is present only foe xbox 360, but not yet supported in xbox one...

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Hi Mate,

So far I have been using Colpipes78 examu Ex-board tutorial as my main resource.

COLPIPES78 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzohF-hgujA

SIMPLY AUSTIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S6F-4QZfzo

LAUNCHBOX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xowd0JiDqdQ

Taito typex, Nesica, Examu Exboard, Tekno Parrot and the Sega Edge and similar roms all work in the same way.

I have been able join the rom sets of:-


They all work with RH LOADER, once you get one game working , transfer the following files to each game directory.





Now can someone help me? How do I setup AHK script to exit RH LOADER to go back to my frontend?

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i cant get this folder to install on my arcade simply because i continually get an error code 0x800700E1 for  the cmdow file and a few after that. only fix that comes up is to disable windows defender. i have even set a folder to be ignored by defender and it still wont let it pass. suggestions welcomed.

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Did you manage to get this working?  Some random suggestions from my current struggle

Put games in root folder Drive/Taito/game (game loader doesn't seem to work well when buried in folders)

Run Gameloader all RH as administrator and in Windows 8 compatibility mode

Set to Loader -1 (I've had the most luck with)

There is a .exe notepad file on the final tab screen that contains instructions for individual games which was also really helpful.

(I am by no means an expert.  Been following this forum and working on my hobby for 2.5 years and this is my first post.)

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I personally don't like RHLoader.  I've managed to get most Type X games to run with no problem with typex_config/typex_loader.  When that failed I went to TeknoParrot.  Look for tutorials on how to get the specific game to run, sometimes there are executable patches to run on windows 10, higher resolution, etc.  http://www.emuline.org/ has several tutorials and patches.  Even so there are a few stubborn type-x games I could not load, usually due to a Windows patch that breaks things.  I swear I had King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A working just fine, then suddenly it crashes on load, probably due to a windows patch.  

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