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LaunchBox doesn't start since 9.4


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Hello @Jason Carr

Just updated my LaunchBox setup from 9.3 to 9.4, and it remains stuck on "LaunchBox, initializing ...." then close itself.

I tried to relaunch it, same thing happens.

Do you have any ideas ? What can I send you to help for the debug ?

Thanks in advance,

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I just had a similar issue. I wound up deleting the VLC folder then installed over my existing install with the download from the update folder and that got me up and running. 


Edit: I also ran the installer as administrator

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Well it's working again, but I have tried to install it anyway on an other hard drive, and this time, every thing is fine too .... Guess the bug came from my computer and the reboot helped (but it was running for two hours only, CPU and Ram were fine)

Sorry to have bother you for nothing

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7 hours ago, jjb_22 said:

I am having the same problem with 9.4 update. I've tried restarting as well as deleting VLC folder and reinstall as admin like @JPGIII did above, but it still just dies after initializing screen.

Just for future reference, it's best *not* to install as admin, as it won't fix anything and can actually cause various problems later on.

It sounds like we really need to figure out what's going on here. Unfortunately I'm still fairly clueless as to why it's happening to a small handful of users, but if we can figure out commonalities between you guys, we might be able to identify the issue. What version of Windows are you guys running?

@jjb_22 What happens if you install to an entirely new folder (temporarily)?

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It's happening for me, too. I got the notification to update yesterday, but I dismissed it and played a game. Later, I tried to open LaunchBox, and it automatically started updating. But, it never opened. I tried to start it again, and still nothing. I tried rebooting, updating my Geforce drivers, updating Windows, but still nothing.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

portable LaunchBox in my Google Drive folder



I just tried installing to a different hard drive, and it works fine. Still can't get my original install to work, though.

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3 minutes ago, radio5 said:

I think I see where you're going. Maybe there was an upload/download sync for Google Drive in progress while LaunchBox was updating?

Yes, I think that's what is most likely. Drive syncing services (even Dropbox I've seen) sometimes take a while when deleting files, so I'm thinking it's maybe putting a temporary lock on the files. You should be able to exit out of the Google Drive syncing service from the system tray icons.

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