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Greetings all. I have an issue with Mame maybe someone can help me with. I am trying to get mame to display settings so I can adjust them, but for some reason I cannot get it to work. I have confirmed that what I am doing is correct but it is still not working. I will attach an image of what I am trying to get mame to do and show me so I can adjust. The only options I am getting are the basic sound, gamma, brightness, and contrast. I cannot get the rest of the settings to show up.Capture.thumb.PNG.17f89ff8a280a33d16c86476b14a6508.PNG Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Edit your mame.ini file.  Scroll down to "OSD VIDEO OPTIONS" and change video to bgfx.  Some may say use 'hlsl' or even 'glsl', but this will at least show you the added options. 

video                     bgfx
numscreens                1
window                    0
maximize                  1
waitvsync                 0
syncrefresh               0
monitorprovider           auto


Close and save.  

There are quite a few posts here about setting up the different video options. Some older, some newer, some several thread pages deep.

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8 minutes ago, Mogochagi said:

Tried that, does not work. Also I have been doing some research and there are others having this problem as well but I have not seen any posts with a resolution or fix to this.

Are you using MAMEUI by any chance?

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I was just toying with these settings in the last week or so wanting the same thing you are. 'More options'. :)  According my chicken-scratch notes (which I'm trying to get better at noting what it is I'm about to screw up), lines I changed were "video" and "hlsl_enable" and also "filter" from "1" to "0" (which I forgot to mention.  Under "OSD ACCELERATED VIDEO OPTIONS").

The only other thing I think I may have changed in mine was  the ...screen_chains to hlsl.

bgfx_path                 bgfx
bgfx_backend              auto
bgfx_debug                0
bgfx_screen_chains        hlsl
bgfx_shadow_mask          slot-mask.png
bgfx_avi_name             auto

MAME 0.207


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Let me just say, if I ever win the lottery jackpot, I am going to give you one heck of a tip! As soon as I changed those other settings and booted it up I noticed a difference right away! And when I went into the settings all of that stuff was there. Thank you ever so much. You have no idea how much of a heartache, headache and turmoil this has caused me over the course of the last several days. Kudos to you!

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Glad it worked!

Now for the real fun stuff...  Depending on the options you change, they may not save (between exiting and restarting Mame).  So have your notepad and pencil handy and note the changes you make.  When done, exit Mame and head back to the ini file and change the respective values under "DIRECT3D POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS".

Make a backup of mame.ini 1st!!!  Just sayin'.

If you have a game that's unique to the others or your working with different overlays/bezels/artwork, you can 'save' game-specific settings by:

Modifying the mame.ini file (as noted above but without saving as mame.ini)
Save it as romfilename.ini
..into the "ini" subfolder.

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