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    @Lordmonkus to chime on this with his infinite wisdom or GTFO! lol
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply Jason, fortunately not a dealbreaker to switch to WMP
  3. As far as I know these issues are tied to the hardware decoding capabilities of the GPU, not other components. I ran tests with 3 different configurations, and on the highest spec system (8700k with 32Gb of Ram, Nvidia Titan X and raid-0 Samsung M.2 970 drives), the problem still occurs. The mentioned system is able to playback 4K and 8K video without a sweat, so definitely the hardware can keep up Great news you are working on upgrading to VLC 3.x! Not essential by all means, WMP is working perfectly on 2 of the systems I tested, the third was fixed by deselecting Accelerated Video (Overlay) in VLC prefs. As always, thanks for being on top of these issues Jason!
  4. I typed this on other threads, but FYI, these grey playback issues have nothing to do with Hard Drive speeds. The issues are due to an old version of VLC (2.2.6) being used in LB. Back then there were a lot of hardware overlay decoding issues that were later fixed and should not occur on the latest version (3.0.4 as of this writing). You can even reproduce this by installing 3.0.4 on your system and playing back any preview videos (no grey issues), and then manually open the VLC.exe inside \LaunchBox\VLC\ and drag and dropping a video preview on it (it will have grey playback issues, aka HW playback Overlay problems). Depending on your system, an option could be to open the player inside \LaunchBox\VLC\ like before, going to Tools->Preferences, and un-checking "Accelerated video output (Overlay)" in the Video tab: Please note that this is largely dependent on your system, so it might not work. @SentaiBrad, @Jason Carr any new info on this topic other than the workaround of selecting WMP? Hope this helps...
  5. @SentaiBrad I typed on another thread, but FYI, this is due to an old version of VLC being used inside LB (2.2.6), which had a lot of hardware decoding issues. This is why some people have grey playback issues and other don't. The current version of VLC (3.0.4 as of writing this) fixes all the grey playback issues.
  6. Well to be honest this is due to an ancient version of VLC being used in LB. Version 2.2.6 (the one included in LB) has a ton of hardware decoding issues that were long fixed and do not occur as tested on the newest 3.0.4 version. Problem is, the dlls have changed quite a bit, so it will require changes in LB's code to integrate a newer version. @Jason Carr has this been looked into? Otherwise guess the only option is to switch to WMP, but this will tax the system a lot more than VLC.
  7. Sorry for the noob question, just getting started on BigBox stuff. Where do we place these logos?
  8. Thanks Copper!!! All working now! Additionally, I edited the XML to add missing tables from the OP XML, there should be 77 tables in total, and the original XML think had 61 tables. The artwork however has them all! I added the descriptions/notes to each of the added tables (a tricky one indeed, couldn't find the descriptions anywhere and I wanted the ones from in-game, so took screenshots of each and ran them through an OCR for image-to-text (yup, screw typing manually!)), and renamed some Titles for better organization (Star Wars Pinball, Marvel's, etc). Important note: If you already have Pinball FX2 added, depending on the version of the executable, your Emulator tag inside the XML might need to be changed, otherwise it will prompt you to choose an emulator when trying to run the tables. What I did was to backup my XML, added a table, exited LB, and then copied the emulator tag from this new XML, and replaced all the emulator tags inside my backup XML using Notepad++. I am attaching screenshots of my Pinball FX2 main screen, as well as inside LB, and of course the edited XML. Hope you find it useful! Pinball FX2.xml
  9. Sorry for the noobness, what would be the appropiate names of the subfolders within \LaunchBox\Images\Pinball FX2 to place the image files?
  10. Without using the .lst and choosing .bin files after "Add Files" has the same effect, only 4 games get added out of 83 chosen. Checking the https://github.com/libretro/reicast-emulator/blob/master/core/hw/naomi/naomi_roms.h seems is best to just add the .zip files from Mame, so I will try the method explained by Brad for Demul, where he uses the bat files to extract the Naomi roms out of a complete MAME romset.
  11. @Ateb Ateb, sorry just read your plugin test post, I was busy building RPi imgs heh. I'm very interested in testing your BezelProject Plugin!!! Thanks in advance!
  12. Think ideally a port of the BezelProject script for Retropie to use in Windows is better. This means you run it and it downloads the cfgs and artwork, and places them in the right directories for Windows, right? That said, the tool would also need to change the paths inside the cfgs to the proper ones for Retroarch on Windows. Do you think this is doable? Thanks a lot in advance guys!
  13. Awesome, thanks for the pointers guys. Ateb, I PMd back. Could you share your converter proggie? Appreciate it...
  14. Ateb, can you explain what you did to make these work? Meaning, which files you downloaded, where you placed them for each game to pick the corresponding bezel automatically, what about the cfg files, and lastly regarding coordinates of the emulated screen. Thanks in advance!
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