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This YouTube channel did a 5 part series on MAME trackball games. I picked the ones I found most interesting. If I remember, I will add a post later (at work now) showing the games I chose to pin to my favorites. 
FYI - he created some videos showing spinner games too.

part 1:


part 2:


part 3:


part 4:


part 5:



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11 hours ago, drewjbx said:

Anyone have a MAME trackball games playlist they would like to share? 

This post has a playlist someone made for trackball games. I am not sure what is in it game wise as I did not download it. 

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Thanks for the link, I discovered that when I dropped that xml into the db playlist folder and try to launch LB.... it crashes and that xml gets deleted. I assume it must be specific to your own system setup with paths etc....

I went ahead and got a list from my attract mode build and manually made my own. Here is a list of trackball games in MAME, pretty sure there are some missing but its a good start. 

American Horseshoes (US)
AmeriDarts (set 1)
Atari Baseball (set 1)
Atari Football (revision 2)
Atari Soccer
Back Street Soccer (KRB-0031 PCB)
Beezer (set 1)
Big Event Golf (US)
Birdie King
Birdie King 2
Birdie King 3
Blades of Steel (version T)
Bomb Kick (set 1)
Bowling Alley
Cabal (World, Joystick version)
Capcom Bowling (set 1)
Centipede (revision 4)
Championship Bowling
Cool Pool
Crystal Castles (version 4)
Dunk Shot (Rev C, FD1089A 317-0022)
Eagle Shot Golf
Extra Bases
Free Kick (NS6201-A 1987.10)
Gimme A Break (7/7/85)
Goalie Ghost
Golden Tee 2K (v1.00)
Golden Tee 3D Golf (v1.93N)
Golden Tee '97 (v1.30)
Golden Tee '98 (v1.10)
Golden Tee '99 (v1.00)
Golden Tee Classic (v1.00)
Golden Tee Golf II (Trackball, V2.2)
Golden Tee Fore! 2002
Golden Tee Fore! 2003
Golden Tee Fore! 2004 Extra
Golden Tee Fore! 2005 Extra
Golden Tee Fore! 2006 Extra
Gridiron Fight
Guided Missile
Indoor Soccer (set 1)
Kick (upright)
Krazy Bowl
Liberator (set 1)
Major Havoc (rev 3)
Major League
Marble Madness (set 1)
Mini Golf (11/25/85)
Missile Command (rev 3)
Pound for Pound (World)
Quantum (rev 2)
Rambo III (Europe)
Rampart (Trackball)
SegaSonic The Hedgehog (Japan, rev. C)
Shoot the Bull
Shuffleshot (v1.40)
Shuuz (version 8.0)
Simpsons Bowling (GQ829 UAA)
Slither (set 1)
Snake Pit
Strata Bowling (V3)
Strike Bowling
Super League (FD1094 317-0045)
Syvalion (Japan)
Tee'd Off (Japan)
Tehkan World Cup (set 1)
The Irritating Maze / Ultra Denryu Iraira Bou
U.S. Classic
Vs. Soccer (set SC4-2 A)
Wally wo Sagase! (rev B, Japan, FD1094 317-0197B)
World Class Bowling (v1.66)
World Class Bowling Deluxe (v2.00)
X the Ball

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I made a playlist based of the above mentioned games.  I also added the colecovision games that used the Roller Controller:  Centipede, Omega Race, Slither, War Games and Victory.  There is one more I don't have: Mindwalls.

Just a side note that the Arcade versions of Victory and Omega Race utilized a spinner.

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