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Initially a variant of Grila's Fundamental, Stark is a minimal Big Box theme focusing on usability, clean looks and fast access to what matters: the games.


Suggested image packs:

Platform/Playlist Banners (strongly recommended)   

Platform ClearLogos

Platform Device Images (also supports videos)


Requires LaunchBox 9.6.7 or above

Expect gremlins, I'm new at this


Currently requires 1080p resolution or equivalent (eg 200% DPI scaling at 2160p). A fix for this is in the works  FIXED! hopefully ;)



  • Fix platform quickselect (favs/recent) title font
  • Fix non-displaying A-Z index bar in some game views
  • Add star rating images
  • Adjust margins on wall view (I'm yet to figure out how to do this, the spacing adjustment only seems to apply horizontally).


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I too love the clean look of this theme! Unfortunately I've already encountered two pretty bad bugs in it.

First, the header on the text list platform selection screen is way, way too big. See the attached screenshot.

The other more dire problem is that the options section of Big Box's main menu is totally broken. When I select it, I just get a blank screen. The options categories are there, but invisible. I can select one, which gives me a list of options that extend beyond the bottom of the window. I can scroll them down, but the bottommost options in the list are invisible and can't be scrolled on screen!

I do hope these bugs get fixed, because I would love to use this theme.


Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 9.57.34 PM.png

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