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  1. Hi Viking! Just wanted to report that there's a bug in the text view when you invoke the alphabetical list, it shows up behind all the games list. This was tested on a 4K 175% DPI screen. This was on the latest version only. Hope you can fix it! Thanks!
    One of the best themes, by far. I just suscribed to this man's Patreon and If you like this type of work, you should too. Fantastic job. Hope we can get more view types in the future
  2. Hey @donkeywaffles! Thanks for this fabulous theme! Just one question: How can I display the platform "device" instead of the platform video? I'm attaching what I see, and I want it to look just like the screenshots you posted. Thanks for the help!!
  3. Hey @Everyone I would like to take a moment to try to persuade you to vote for the (in my opinion) one of the most important features in this poll: Big Box Wall View Overhaul My case: As you can see HERE and HERE both @Grila and @CriticalCid (two of the most recognized theme developers) have had problems with the wall view since September 2018, citing limits on what it can do and limiting their creative visions. The goal? A real, well fleshed out, balls out, true 10 foot experience, console-like quality UI, like these dreams: Without these upgrades, this kind of User Interfaces are going to be VERY hard to exist on our premium product, Big Box. Believe me, once we have this kind of upgrades, I think the theme development scene will improve tremendously. Please, to all of you: Vote for Big Box Wall View Overhaul This is our opportunity to tell @Jason Carr that this is the most important thing for the future of Big Box, the main feature that keeps the development going as a succesful business! Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your hard work, Jason!!!
  4. Hey @spektor56! I just tested the plugin's latest versions and it's coming along nicely!!! But I encountered some bugs. Do you want me to report them here? What files would you need to identify the issue?
  5. Just yesterday? Good job, man! Github bookmarked. We'll be looking forward to any updates that you make Thanks for your hard work!
  6. Hi @spektor56 I tried your exporter and as far as I can see, it works fine for simple platforms (NES, MAME, etc) but there are a lot of platforms (Like WiiU, PC games and PS3) where the "rom" isn't just a zip or iso file you can just copy or call from a root directory, as you have to execute an eboot.bin file or something deep in the games folder structure, so in the metadata exported by your plugin, telling Pegasus that all the roms are called EBOOT.BIN in a root folder isn't helpful. Also, having downloaded metadata duplicated for both LB and Pegasus can pretty quickly fill your hard drive, especially if you are like me and have a collection of +10,000 games, so maybe there's a way in the Pegasus xml to call out where the metadata from LB already is, so you can just choose the frontend of your choice with a single roms and games installation. I agree with what you said: LB is just flawless for organizing, scraping and launching games from a KB+Mouse. But, as I said in the past on this forums and after having tested all the themes available here and in the downloader, I just don't think they are good for "10 foot" console-like interfaces for a big TV (like this one) on BigBox. Needless to say, I was extremely excited to see someone working on this and I really hope you can expand it further. Cheers!
  7. Hey @Lahma any new version we can help you test in the meantime? Cheers!
  8. Thanks Lahma! Hope you enjoyed your time out of town. Can't wait for this update Cheers!
  9. Same thing happens to me. Here's the log! Debug 2019-03-04 05-48-46 PM.log
  10. My guess is that you can blame Hyperspin for that aesthetic popularity. I guess people got really used to those selector wheels and clear logos
  11. How important is it to you for the startup screen to fade into the game? Is it worth the performance sacrifice to you while playing the game? Not important, especially if it means a performance sacrifice. How important is it to you to use bezels? Are they worth the performance sacrifice to you? Not important, especially if it means a performance sacrifice. That's why I try to use Retroarch (which have native bezels support) whenever I can. What features are you most looking for with startup screens? I always wanted them used with fan art backgrounds, mainly to hide the fact that sometimes from a cold boot Cemu, Retroarch and others can take up to 30 seconds to load on a platter HDD. Something nice to look at while the game or the emu loads. I would also LOVE to select how much time is the screen active. I think this should be user configurable. What features are you most looking for with pause screens? To be honest, I have no interest in a pause screen since they sound like a ginormous task (having compatibility as you said with windowed, borderless, full screen, different emus, different gfx APIs like DirectX, Vulkan, etc. and so on) with little benefit, and I would love that time to be devoted to other features. But if I had to come up with something, I guess I would like to have Save State and Restore State selection, just like the "classic" consoles nowadays. Good luck, Jason!
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