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ROMs not loading


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1 hour ago, JoeViking245 said:

Ok. So I may have guessed wrong on SF3. [blush]   

Depends on which SF3 rom you're using.  sfiii3u.zip is one of the US clone roms and uses the cap-3s-2.chd file  image.png.f1a57bb198a48b9fe157b2f2e129d96f.pngYou can find info here http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/?mame=sfiii3u   scroll down to where it says Files and click/expand "Show Mame required Files".

sfiii3.zip is the European (parent rom) release.  The small sized zip (129kb compressed) file is the rom and the larger sized same-name.zip file will be the chd.


The other (newer) US release is sfiii3ur1.zip which needs cap-33s-1.chdimage.png.8946410f87dbf04d2efab3e75b97ac73.png


Wow.  Thanks for sending this info.  It will definitely help me figure out what files I am missing.  I will keep you posted on how this progresses.  I am thinking I might organize things better as well.  Perhaps folders for each game with specified files.

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4 minutes ago, Geminii23 said:

So on PD site, I see Split, Non-Merged and Merged as my options for roms.  What's the difference between these options?  The Non-Merged is double file size.

All three set types contain the same games, however they are structured differently, hence the file size difference. A Non-Merged set is the biggest as every single game zip has all the required files inside it including bios files, so essentially you will for example have several hundred copys of the neogeo.zip bios as it will be in every neogeo game zip. The other two set types share files amongst games, taking neogeo again as a example there will only be one copy of that in a set, and all games that need it will will get it from the same location.


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To add, if you want to hand pick specific games like it seems that you do, then get the Non-Merged set. While it is indeed twice the size every game.zip will have all the files it needs to run, so picking out specific games to import is possible with that set. Picking out individual games from other sets is much more problematic as like i said in my previous post games will rely on files that are inside of other game zips as thats how it keeps that file size down, by just including a file once that many games may actually need to run that game.

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@Geminii23 Good to see you taking the less painful route. LOL. When I first started with Launchbox I had those hunt and pick collection of roms. Things worked fine until emulators kept getting updates and Launchbox kept getting better. Then I noticed all the rom issues. Trying to fix them just became a chore. Downloaded a full set and never looked back. Every so often with Mame I will update the set by downloading the newest one (I am not one that updates monthly) and it is as simple as dropping it into the same folder structure and Launchbox and Mame sees no difference. 

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