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Bigbox Dynamic Marquee Image Priorities


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I've been struggling with this for days now. It seems there should be a simple, if not hacky solution. I cannot find any documentation on how the 2nd screen images are pulled/prioritized.

My main issue is:

How do I get the marquee to show anything but "Front" for non-arcade games? If I paste copies of the images from "Banner" into "Arcade - Marquee" folder within say NES "Launchbox\Images\Nintendo Entertainment System\Arcade - Marquee", it has no effect whatsoever.

Does anyone have any idea how Bigbox is deciding which image to display on the second monitor?

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5 hours ago, Retro808 said:

The marquee currently pulls from the \Images\[Platform Name]\Arcade - Marquee folder.

In absence of an image there it will then follow your box front image priorities. 


Thanks for the reply, suh.

I have already put images in "Arcade - Marqee" for NES and it still displays "Front" on the marquee, This seems to be the case for all non arcade platforms.

i tried refreshing and force populating everything. Strangely, some, like 1 in 50ish, will show "Arcade - Marquee" the first time it is highlighted, but only the first. If you go past it and back, it displays "Front" again. This is VERY weird.

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I just ran the marquee CTC theme for a platform and it's pulling some images from somewhere I'm not even aware of.  My priorities are set in launchbox for arcade - marquee, then banner, then something else.  Even though the database id# is the filename, it's only showing about 3 out of 10, and I don't even know where it's getting the other images from.  Why won't it just look in the folder and display them?

EDIT - apparently BigBox doesn't like the database ID# being the file name?  I changed it to the name of the game manually, and then it showed up as a marquee.  When rendering images using CTC I found the option to de-select "save as database ID".  It works fine now.

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