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Launch box on Android not launching game in retroarch


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I believe it's an issue with Retroarch itself not Launchbox.  I used it on my Nvidia Shield and if I open a game thru Retroarch, the 1st game I play will load.  Yet when I'm done playing and I try to play another it won't load.  I have to go into the Apps settings and force close Retroarch just to launch another game.  I since then dropped Retroarch as I was having nothing but issues and I been getting the actual APKs for emulators and installing them.  I've even noticed I can't open the Retroarch app itself twice without having to manually force close it first.  The first time the app opens but the second time it's a blank screen.

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This is the same thing that I have experienced with my android phone(S8+).  I cannot get any of the emulators in Retroarch to work correctly.  I kind of thought that I would be able to pick a game in LB and play it.  Not have to shut down the emulator and then pick another game.  I am having the same issue with the Mupen 64 emulator.  I am assuming that the issue lies with the emulators and not LB but, I followed ETA Primes videos exactly and this is what's happening.  The only emulator I can get to work as advertised is ePSXe.  That one works flawlessly

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I was kind of thinking along the same lines with the hotkey and that is understandable.  The problem is though if the emulator is being started for the first time it should open up the game right away.  The Mupen emulator does not do this for instance.  Upon  opening a game for the first time it takes you right to the actual emulator.  You then have to hit play on the emulator and this was a recommended emulator for this.  Also, it takes forever for my box art and backgrounds to load from the DB and before anyone asks I am a direct high speed wifi connection.

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18 minutes ago, Thatman84 said:

Yeah RetroArch must be closed to allow launching to Rom. Seems pretty standard to me.

Easy enough to close after playing via controller and hotkey or just touchscreen through the menu or normal android app closing methods

Yup, agreed. Thought i should put it into text though for people who are not as savvy about commandlines and such.

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