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YouTube Videos Not Showing


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We have not added that as of yet, though there may be a plugin that does it. The main problem with playing YouTube videos in LaunchBox or Big Box is that it kind of has to be a hack, because YouTube does not want you downloading or streaming the videos outside of their official apps. Because of that, I'm not sure if we'll be tackling that or not.

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Hi Jason, OK I understand. I am actually trying a scrape with Skraper. Finger crossed.

I already used it with retropie so it it should be fine. And I will do the last GOG, etc manualy... or look if I find a plugin ?

Thanks for your awesome work and your quick answer !

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Last year I made a Youtube video plugin for LaunchBox. It still works, but it wouldn't automatically import the video link from the GamesDB metadata. However, you get to add as many Youtube links as you want and have these available in the game's context menu in LaunchBox and also in the game's "Additional Apps" submenu in BigBox. You can even use start and end timestamps for the video if you want to link to only a section within a larger video.

I could definitely make some improvements to it, but there was never much interest in the plugin. I mainly made it for myself though, and now all my games have trailer and gameplay videos as well as video reviews.

You can find the plugin here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/49517-online-video-links/


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Thanks @SsjCosty, I had not a lot of time lately for "playing" with Launchbox, but I hope to try your plugin during this weekend. My research was probably bad on the forum but I hadn't found your topic (or hadn't found it was related to my search) last time.

It's kind of hard to be new on the Launchbox community, there are a lot of upgrade and you're never really sure if something proposed on the forum (theme, pugin, ...) is still working or not...

Maybe the lack of interest is due to a title not very self-explanitory ? Maybe had "youtube" or "11.X" in the title will help ? I am sure a lot of people or looking for this kind of feature, and your plugin seems very well integrated in Launchbox.

Anyway, I will let you for sure a feedback on your topic to give you the result of my tests !

Thanks again for your work and your time :)

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