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  1. Hey! The plugin wasn't working anymore. I just had to update the youtube-dl.exe file on the plugin directory by this one (v2021.04.07 FI) and all was fine again 😅
    Thank youuuuu ! It works perfectly !! 🤩 (I'm not even mad for the 3 hours of search and download on youtube yesterday.) Awesome work ! 🍻
  2. Wow, first of all, thanks for your answer ! I wasn't waiting for an upgrade of your plugin as you said in first place that it was made for yourself and it seems to do a great job for your purpose ! To answer point by point to your long list of features: If I understand correctly, we could use this kind of link: https://youtu.be/923fVDDwaHo?t=57, so you will get a starting timestamp at 57s and a title "Chrono Cross Opening HD" ? If so, yes, great idea I think 👍 Yes good idea, maybe with a tag [video] or or something like that. On the other hand, the down side of this f
  3. I just tried your plugin and can confirm that it's working perfectly on the last Launchbox version (11.7) Unfortunately, 1 or 2 things are killing it for me... I just made a simple copy/past of the link already scrapped on my game (video url on game properties) to your new online video link menu. The possibility to change the start/end of the video linked is an awesome feature by the way ! I think that having to copy the video link manualy from one place to another is a bit annoying but wathever, it's not a big deal. I then start Bigbox, and no video, just the same h
  4. Thanks @SsjCosty, I had not a lot of time lately for "playing" with Launchbox, but I hope to try your plugin during this weekend. My research was probably bad on the forum but I hadn't found your topic (or hadn't found it was related to my search) last time. It's kind of hard to be new on the Launchbox community, there are a lot of upgrade and you're never really sure if something proposed on the forum (theme, pugin, ...) is still working or not... Maybe the lack of interest is due to a title not very self-explanitory ? Maybe had "youtube" or "11.X" in the title will help ? I am sure
  5. Hi Jason, OK I understand. I am actually trying a scrape with Skraper. Finger crossed. I already used it with retropie so it it should be fine. And I will do the last GOG, etc manualy... or look if I find a plugin 😉 Thanks for your awesome work and your quick answer !
  6. I'm interested too. Only video preview I have are the one from Steam games. Is there a particular theme needed ? or a parameter ?
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