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  1. Thank you ! It works perfectly, I was a bit annoyed since I now have a 1440p monitor and gamestream was too stretched to be usable on TV. Back to potato gaming =D
  2. Hey! The plugin wasn't working anymore. I just had to update the youtube-dl.exe file on the plugin directory by this one (v2021.04.07 FI) and all was fine again ?
    Thank youuuuu ! It works perfectly !! ? (I'm not even mad for the 3 hours of search and download on youtube yesterday.) Awesome work ! ?
  3. Wow, first of all, thanks for your answer ! I wasn't waiting for an upgrade of your plugin as you said in first place that it was made for yourself and it seems to do a great job for your purpose ! To answer point by point to your long list of features: If I understand correctly, we could use this kind of link: https://youtu.be/923fVDDwaHo?t=57, so you will get a starting timestamp at 57s and a title "Chrono Cross Opening HD" ? If so, yes, great idea I think ? Yes good idea, maybe with a tag [video] or or something like that. On the other hand, the down side of this feature should be that having a lot of video link on the menu would feel messy (in the case of many walkthrough video by exemple). Maybe add an option to choose between adding the video on the main menu or in a global submenu ? or many submenu ? It may be usefull if you want to have a critic, a let's play, a TAS, ... OK, I hadn't any clue about this. I feel dumb ! I didn't search for it and tried by myself with antimicro/joy2key. I was so missing this feature on PC as I'm used to it on retropie/recalbox... wow I have a 2s time for launching and exiting game, and the video is already started behind the starting screen. And then 2s to came back in Bigbox. I could remove those timer, but if you find a way to play the video without bigbox considering the launch of an external app, it will be cake and eat it ! Oh yeah ! It's a great feature If by default the video url of the metadata (or from gamedb) is present. On the main menu by default, with the possibility to add a timestamp. I think you are going somewhere here !! I can't really see a case where I need the same video on a lot of games. Maybe you could add a possibilty to do an export/import feature, so you just have to complete a game then import it on another ? Just an idea though. Many ideas just as they come: - Download video and add the video link on media/video metadata of the game. - Search video on youtube (or other) with keywords. - add others video plateforms implementation like twitch or IGN (maybe it's already working, didn't tried to be honnest) - add the possibility to add a shortcut to launch the "main" video (like the first one of the list) I am not a developper myself, but I would be happy if I could be of any help (I am kind of used to software testing, if needed ) Oh ! and thanks for your mention of strafefox channel. Never heard of it. Lot of things to watch now ! Have a nice day ? edit: I just checked your github page, I have to look at your "Bulk Genre Editor" plugin too ! I have a little bartop with genre category and find it very usefull, but my launchbox library is a mess !
  4. I just tried your plugin and can confirm that it's working perfectly on the last Launchbox version (11.7) Unfortunately, 1 or 2 things are killing it for me... I just made a simple copy/past of the link already scrapped on my game (video url on game properties) to your new online video link menu. The possibility to change the start/end of the video linked is an awesome feature by the way ! I think that having to copy the video link manualy from one place to another is a bit annoying but wathever, it's not a big deal. I then start Bigbox, and no video, just the same hideous screenshot of the game as before. I try to came back to default theme, reset configuration to default, ... Ok my bad, everything was written on your description: to see the video, you have to go on a submenu of the game and then you can start the video (with a splash as if it was starting the game). I can't exit the video with my pad, and have to press exit on the kb to have a window of vlc, then close it and coming back to bigbox. So, maybe I missed something, but - On one side you can't use it for a large library of unknow games as you have to specify manualy all the video paths. - On the other way, you can't have the video by default so if you want a "clean" bigbox (from my point of view ) you will have to download another splash video and you will probably never check the others videos in the submenu What would be awesome is if it was possible to see the video as for the downloaded one (eventualy with a possibility to download it, or playing it online) What would be even more awesome is if it was possible to reuse by default the informations of the video url ! Thanks anyway for your work !
  5. Thanks @SsjCosty, I had not a lot of time lately for "playing" with Launchbox, but I hope to try your plugin during this weekend. My research was probably bad on the forum but I hadn't found your topic (or hadn't found it was related to my search) last time. It's kind of hard to be new on the Launchbox community, there are a lot of upgrade and you're never really sure if something proposed on the forum (theme, pugin, ...) is still working or not... Maybe the lack of interest is due to a title not very self-explanitory ? Maybe had "youtube" or "11.X" in the title will help ? I am sure a lot of people or looking for this kind of feature, and your plugin seems very well integrated in Launchbox. Anyway, I will let you for sure a feedback on your topic to give you the result of my tests ! Thanks again for your work and your time
  6. Hi Jason, OK I understand. I am actually trying a scrape with Skraper. Finger crossed. I already used it with retropie so it it should be fine. And I will do the last GOG, etc manualy... or look if I find a plugin ? Thanks for your awesome work and your quick answer !
  7. I'm interested too. Only video preview I have are the one from Steam games. Is there a particular theme needed ? or a parameter ?
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