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Option to Upload Data via LB

The Papaw

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I have spent 100's of hours editing, correcting my game meta data, images, videos, etc.  (and still do/am). I think it would be nice to be able to upload all my data direct into the LB DB with a simple click for approval. Like pull the data from my sync, into the DB...or a click in tool to submit it all at once, rather than syncing and seeing all the stuff that needs added one by one. Just a thought/idea to ponder on.

If that is to much, how about and option when viewing you collection and it asks to submit, a way to either click on a link to browse to out image from the html page or a clickable link within LB to submit it?

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I don't know how much functionality this LB plugin has, but it would be nice.

Only down side I can see is because it takes more effort to submit now, the people that do are probably diligent in adding good quality images and information.

If everyone can easily just upload it, it could result in an overload of images/info for the persons/group that checks these before approval.

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Yeah, the plugin basically does allow you to batch upload things, which is great, but we have had quite a few issues with users uploading bad/poor quality content over the years. For that reason we aren't really looking to create a batch uploader other than the plugin, and if you do decide to use the plugin, I would ask that you're very careful to ensure that everything you upload is correct and needed (which makes it difficult to use in batch).

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