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Change startup screen delay per platform

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On 3/16/2020 at 6:17 AM, retroviking said:

Hi guys,

id like to be able to change the startup screen delay time per platform as apposed to per emulator? is that possible? any advice appreciated.

No, not as a setting in the LB UI. It is based on emulator since that is what the delay affects.

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Just now, Krakerman said:

I think we must be talking about something different Neil. Game startup/Shutdown only has an option slider for 5 secs.

Tools/Manage Emulators/Emulator Name/Startup Screens, there is a slider from 1-30 seconds.


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following up on my original question..i found an alternative.

simply editing 3 lines in the Data>Platforms>choose a system


You can change the time for each platform as follows..

simply using notepad, select Edit>Replace>

and fill in the required fields..Find what...(one of the default lines as above) Replace with;

<StartupLoadDelay>3010</StartupLoadDelay>    this can be increased or decreased

more of a workaround. But works none the less. and now you can have different startup times per platform. Ideal if you use Rocket Launcher for emulation.

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