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Flat and Classic Mini Consoles

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Flat and Classic Mini Consoles

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NOV. 2023 UPDATE | This was supposed to be a simple flat theme, but evolved into a 2 in 1, so you have the regular view which is flat and sleek and also you have available an optional view (per device) that resemble some classic mini consoles (including consoles that do not have mini versions as of yet).

Features of this theme:

  • Simple flat version that runs fast and looks great.
  • No flashy animations that may affect perfomance.
  • Optional "Classic Mini" view for many systems (WIP).
  • Every Classic Mini view has it's own background music.
  • Improved original design of some "Classic Mini" (Such as PSX and Genesis).
  • Improved UI for some consoles like PS3, 3DS, etc.
  • "Classic Mini" style views for consoles that do not have an oficial Mini version (such as PS2, WII, etc.).
  • Platform/console selection with video (you need to download the video first from regular launchbox menu).


You can check some Videos of the theme in action on my Youtube Channel

Most updates are being posted on my Patreon (nothing is hidden behind a paywall)


If you'd like to support my work, you can invite me a coffee anytime! 




P.S.: English is not my first language so I apologise for any mistake.

Thanks to:

@y2guru for your amazing theme editor 

@thiagofirmino for providing SNK Neo Geo and Sega Saturn Mini formats.




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An excellent theme! Many thanks!

I hope compatibility gets increased, however, the game basic grid you added is the most complete I have found!

The only problem I have is that text is quite big and sometimes data of "number" or games gets positioned over its description at its left.

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