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Citra won't open games from LB


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3 hours ago, Retro808 said:

Can you post a pic of the edit emulators screen for Citra? Since the games work in Citra there is likely a setting issue in LB.

Post a pic of the Details Tab and the Associated Platforms tab.

Also, I tried using Citra within Retroarch and when I try to launch the game nothing happens. I've downloaded the core and everything but it just does nothing. 

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22 hours ago, neil9000 said:

Can you post the images actually requested, double click on citra there and post a image of that.

Sorry, I could have sworn I uploaded an updated image yesterday... When I went to type this response again the image showed up. Weird. Anyway, sorry for the misunderstanding. 


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That details screen for the emulator looks fine.  Make sure you Game is pointing to a (correct) rom file.  Best to use the Browse button rather than manually typing it in.  The only way I was able to replicate that particular error was when I pointed it to a file not recognized by Citra.image.thumb.png.abafed8ab9674ed84b5c46d93f885dbb.png 

If it still doesn't load after verifying that, see if you can load it from the command prompt.  Open the command prompt from your 'nightly-mingw' folder and type

citra-qt.exe "D:\roms\Nintendo 3DS\Mario Kart 7-USA-Rev 1-Decrypted.3ds"

(adjusting the folder/file_names accordingly and don't forget the quotes).

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