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Bigbox and Steam Link


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So, steam link lets you stream your games to your phone/other devices and send controller inputs back to the home machine. It works really well for steam games that can be played with a controller. Then I noticed steamlink will stream any program you add as a non steam game. Then I tried adding bigbox as a non-steam app and I was able to boot into all the emulators I've fed to launchbox and have them streamed to my phone across the house. This has me feeling like I've discovered fire as I can effectively play any of my emulated games on my phone.

The biggest issue is with the emulators themselves or how little I've configured things. The stream captures both dolphin's configuration window and the game when it's not in fullscreen. Visual Boy advanced won't let me bind the steamlink controller device to it so while things display properly I can't get past press start. Closing the emulators is another problem entirely as steamlink limits the mouse range and oftentimes the exit button is out of range. Regardless bigbox worked perfectly right out of the box and for the emulators I could close it would pop back up and let me boot another. So excellent job there mr dev.


Has anyone else tried steam link streaming app and big box together? If so are there any tips/tricks you've discovered?


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I know lots of people use Big Box and emulators with the Steam Link, yes; it's a fairly common usage scenario. I haven't done it myself, though, so I can't really add any tips or tricks. It might be worth searching the forums though, because there's probably been quite a bit of discussion on it over the years.

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Minimize steam and you can use your desktop on it, also they make controllers

for your phone. I heard you can run Retroarch natively but I didn't have much luck, if

anyone else has let me know please.

As far as streaming goes wireless was passable for reading the news but lagged a bit on youtube , wired streaming was a dream though.

While they don't sell Steam Links anymore they have a free Steamlink app which lets you turn any old laptop or computer into a steam link.

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if you have an nvidia card, use moonlight, if you don't, use parsec. both are more stable and well maintained than steamlink. i use parsec on my tablet regularly and moonlight on my ps vita. i play tons of games and use my bigbox setup this way. also, just don't use the steam UI, add your steam games to bigbox and skip that step completely. 

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