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  1. i've been making myself a theme from the bezels in an effort to blur the line between bezel and theme. i'm currently keeping it to myself but, would you care if i released it when "done" and credited you HEAVILY and likely even named it after you? if not, i'll keep it to myself either way thank you for the amazing artwork.
  2. is it possible to use the image generator to generate EVERY platform logo for me even if i don't have or use that platform without importing a full fake rom list?
  3. if you have an nvidia card, use moonlight, if you don't, use parsec. both are more stable and well maintained than steamlink. i use parsec on my tablet regularly and moonlight on my ps vita. i play tons of games and use my bigbox setup this way. also, just don't use the steam UI, add your steam games to bigbox and skip that step completely.
  4. firstly, THANK YOU. secondly, i hope you don't mind but, i'm using your theme for some zoom calls through OBS studio. i don't stream for money and will only use it in private calls but, this is awesome in bigbox and with my face on the screen. thought you might get a kick out of re-purposing of the theme. again, great work and thank you so much.
  5. just make sure you don't let it save game lists and read it's settings thoroughly. it's really powerful and not super fast. it sucks to wait for it to finish only to find out it was set wrong somewhere. i'd suggest doing a smaller system first by itself to make sure you like the result.
  6. you can also just us "SKraperUI" out of the box to get videos just make sure it doesn't save a gamelist as it's not update frequently and "corrupts" the gamelists. https://www.skraper.net/ i genrally use launchbox for everything but videos and the come through with skraper and get the videos
  7. i'm literally about to do exactly this. any suggestions for someone going into it? happen to remember which xml files need what? either way, thanks for the lead.
  8. this is very much along the lines of what i've wanted for years. i always pictured a "coverflow" style display that used 3d boxart and the side boxart so it literally looked like the box was being slid out of the shelf. i love this and completely understand the time limitation and appreciate the work you put in. gonna give it a go some time soon.
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