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Shout out to y'all

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Was looking for the right place for this post but couldn't see a natural place to simply say THANKS.

Back story - dusted off my mostly built arcade cabinet (COVID isolation and unfinished projects hey...) and after needing to replace the PC I decided to swap from HS to LB/BB and rebuild from scratch. Don't hate me because i used HS, I have seen the light 🙂

Wanted to simply say thanks to the community for all the info. Have spent a little time trawling/reading and following hints/tips/youtube vids. Have pretty much got my 4P cab back up and running with way more platforms and games,

And the media, themes etc using BB - OMG, how easy was all that, and how good does it look.

If you're starting out, spend the time going through the great info already here. If I can follow the bouncing ball and get things set up, so can you. I still have some things to work on but its all tweaking extra stuff now on top of working games.

so a big THANKS for the help so far


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Hey, nothing wrong for using what works for you, or for once using HS. :)

I have 5 machines with arcade type front ends on them currently. One still has my original HS install on it. It is all working well, so no reason to wipe and reinstall yet. Two have LB/BB on it; one has the betas so I can test in my environment, and one with a stable release. The last two have Attract Mode which seems to run better on older hardware and requires less memory and hardware horsepower while still offering quite a bit of eye candy.

Welcome! Glad you are here.

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Was also using HS before, although never got around to have a proper setup, I mean it was working, but there was a lot of stuff missing, and getting everything together was a real pain, plus lack of time, which is always an issue. 

I almost gave up, didn't spend anymore so much time on the setup, but on the other stuff, mainly games and emulators, leaving HS setup lurking on the disk. 

It was only by accident I came across LB, and straight away after watching some videos, I was sold out, and started immediately a new project, and also got once and for all rid of HS. This is much, much better, imo. Luckily my sets are mostly all in order, so that I could use that stuff straight away, like I said, HS setup was stalled almost completely, but working (OCDing) on sets was much more fun and could get put to awesome use with LB and BB. 

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