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Where does Launchbox store which image is shown?


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I'm trying to develop another little plugin for launchbox.

So, when there are two box-front images for the same game, we can edit the game and select which of the images is actually displayed in the frontend.

However, I can't find that information it in the xml file that contains game info.

I want to know where is that information saved? How does launchbox know which image to show in the frontend?

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8 minutes ago, starplayer said:

Thank you for your answer.

I'm not sure I understand fully though. Shouldn't there by a place that contains which image should be shown for each game? Even if that is on a theme by theme basis, I really can't find any file that contains that sort of information.

If you have two box images there is no way to specify which is shown, Launchbox just picks a random one. Region priorities are taken into account though i believe, so if your rom has (USA) in the name and you have two images, one in the USA folder and another in the root or say the Japan folder, the USA one will take precedence. 

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The only real way of doing what you are suggesting (that I can think of) would be to basically swap images in image cache for the image the user wants to use. When doing so you would need to maintain the naming convention as well as make sure the to scale the image correctly (or you can/will greatly increase load times)

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Thank you for your input, but that's not what I'm trying to do, I just wanted to maintain coherence with what's shown on launchbox as much as possible, as what I'm doing is a separate executable. If someone knew how exactly launchbox chooses what images it shows however, that'd be quite helpful.

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Unless I am misunderstanding your goal (allow the user to pick what image is displayed in LB/BB) what I told you is the only way to do so (short of quarantine image files until after LB/BB has cached the images). 

The following priority logic is used. This priority list that it is used for EACH image type in a image priority list from top to lowest priority. If there are multiple images on the same priority level LB/BB picks randomly among all images that apply:

1. Theme dependent cached image
2. Theme dependent image
3. Image cache image
4. Game/Region specific image
5. Game image

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