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Hi All!

I don't want to have a crap ton of MAME games. I am just looking to probably get 20-30. I have them downloaded, but when I go to import ROM, Launchbox doesn't like that I have uncompressed MAME files. I am able to play the games on standalone MAME, but when I try to import file using the ROM importer, it picks up 3/4 different things and none of them work right. 

What is the best way to import uncompressed MAME files? I've used the full importer, but that takes 6-8 hours and I end up just deleting everything anyway. PLEASE HELP! 

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Just now, Retro808 said:

A couple things do not make sense here.

1: Mame roms need to be zipped. So not sure how they are working in Mame if they are not.

2: LB does not care what file format you import. What method are you using to import the file? The exact steps.

Hmm ok. That sounds like that was my problem. No idea how I was able to get them to work then honestly. Ill try later and report back. Thanks! 

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