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Playstation 1 best grafics configuration


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Hello I am coming to you because I am in difficulty for the playstation 1 emulation.

No worries about the compatibility as well as the speed. But I do not know which shader, filter, settings to choose to have a perfect emulation.

I also imagine that there must be several types of config depending on the type of game (2D, 3D). If someone could help me it would be fantastic.

thanks in advance.

(PS: i'm usinge beetle hw core)

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Perfect and emulation is a contradiction in terms.

If it looks good then stick with it, because if you max out settings for your setup it may be OK on the few games you test, but might not work across EVERY game on that system.

Stick with what your setup can manage comfortably.

Also you will find that you may have to use different cores on different games to get the best results if using RetroArch.

Alternatively, check out the new standalone Duckstation emulator for PS1, as it is currently able to go up to 8k if that's what you are looking for and is simple to setup.

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The Beetle HW core has the option to use the software render as well, which is as close to the original and most compatible mode.

You’ll have to play with those options in Retroarch to find settings that you prefer. There is no perfect settings. Although the software renderer will be closest to original, you also have to remember that displays are much larger today and depending on your size, software rendering may not be pleasing to you and you’ll want to play with the hardware renderer and “upscale/clean” it up at least some.

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7 hours ago, RetroFanZ said:

oh ok thx;) wich configuration are you using right now?

To be honest I've jumped back and forth between using the software renderer and the hardware renderer several times. I can't decide which I prefer. I like upscaled video but not to the point of being too "shiny" and losing the look for that generation.

Currently I have my defaults for PSX1 to use the software renderer with 2x upscaling and a CRT shader with that. A few games I thing I override to use the hardware renderer. Both are satisfactory and run well enough though.

(Now if your talking PCSX2, it's a whole different ball game about trade-offs between HW and SW renderers ?)

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