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  1. great stuff thank you have you the covers without the box?if yes can you share please? i like have both
  2. and in the future no possibilities to contribute for different languages?
  3. Hi I wanted to know if it was possible to contribute to the games database by translating the one if? and if at the time of scraping it was possible to choose the language you want?
  4. hey for me it launch automaticaly on gui i must manualy launch the game have u allready had this issue?
  5. ok.... romPath = %1% If A_Hour between 06:59 and 20:59 Run, "RETROARCH\PATH" -L "CORE\PATH\DAY.Dll" -c "CONFIG\PATH\DAY.cfg" "%romPath%", 1 else Run, "RETROARCH\PATH" -L "CORE\PATH\NIGHT.Dll" -c "CONFIG\PATH\NIGHT.cfg" "%romPath%", 1 Here is the final script Just Works Perfectly. Thx to every one! in fact if u wana do that i separate my config files like that: Retroarch Config Sega Saturn Beetle Saturn Sega Saturn.cfg Sega Saturn - Nightly Beetle
  6. i koroth i've test it like that romPath = %1% If A_Hour between 06:59 and 20:59 Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\Retroarch\cores\Sega Saturn.Dll" -c "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\config\Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn.cfg" "%romPath%", 1 else Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\cores\Sega Saturn Nightly.Dll" -c "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\config\Sega Saturn Nightly\Sega Saturn Nightly.cfg" "%romPath%", 1 in my principal set up but it launch a command window 1 sec ant nothing
  7. i found a solution not the easiest but it's ok.creat a retroarch folder per system.we can't ATM point the config file in the config folder so it automaticaly point the co,nfig in the root of retroarch so as example i' create 2 folders Sega Saturn Day and sega Saturn Night.it's preaty cool i can custom my retroachievement sound per system!
  8. Just a last thing. (sorry) how can we point the config file?
  9. Thank you very much my friend.Sincerly!
  10. Ok it dosent' work in the same hour so...i made a test actualy for me it's 23h50. imade different hours for test If A_Hour between 07:01 and 23:48 don't work If A_Hour between 07:01 and 23:00 don't work If A_Hour between 07:01 and 22:59 WORKING So i think we must do If A_Hour between 06:59 and 20:59 for working perfectly. weird bug or just a script can't be precise and see every minutes in the same hour as the absolute same hour.
  11. it switch...sometimes day and other time night.LOL have u test it?maybe i'de made a mistake?
  12. i've try romPath = %1% If A_Hour >= 07 and A_Hour <= 21 Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Jour\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Jour\cores\Sega Saturn.Dll" "%romPath%", 1 If A_Hour >= 21 and A_Hour <= 07 Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Nuit\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Nuit\cores\Sega Saturn Nightly.dll" "%romPath%", 1 but it launch both configurations lol.nightly is reconized lol...:)
  13. after several tests I decided to run a config backup to verify that the night core was activated and it turns out that apparently it does not take into account the time slot. may be that it only works on time precise.i continue my tests and keep you posted anyway thank you for this very detailed tutorial and the time you devote to me! thanks again
  14. ok thats work but how can i point my configs?
  15. wow thx i'll try it right now! hey I've change hour for testing but nothing happened. i've create a new emulator in LB called retroarch famicom i'v point everythings correctly and then copy your script in the script hotkey Tab nothing changed ;(
  16. Hi everybody. Here I come to you because I would like to know if it was possible to make a script to launch such or such core according to the hour? let me explain. take the Nintendo Famicom for example. Nintendo Famicom Dayly.Dll would launch from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Nintendo Famicom Nightly.dll from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Why? All is a question of shaders I have a day version as well as a night version. history of perfecting as much as possible this magnificent front end which is LB / BB thanks for your help if by any chance someone has the solution i think i would be the happiest man!
  17. of course thank you
  18. yep i know but as startut up screen new stuff
  19. Thank you for your return. I was afraid of not having understood you and therefore of being a little annoying unnecessarily. But all's well that ends well. I'm mainly a big box user so too bad for me! .Thank you again! One last request and I stop lol. would it be possible in the future to be able to choose the version at launch? I explain to myself like the user creating a playlist and when launching on the startup screen he can choose which version he wants to launch? USA, Jap, Euro Or other. Thanks for paying attention to this post and thanks for the work!
  20. ok i've allready test first i create a genre playslist under my sega saturn complete category. uncheck root and check sega saturn complete then i creat a playlist under my genre playlist. sports but as you can see i can't check my genre playslist in the parent selection Sega saturn complete (Category Plateform) Sega Saturn Usa (Plateform) Sega Saturn Japan (Plateform) Sega Saturn europe (Plateform) Genre
  21. ok here is my plan Category sega saturn plateform - Sega saturn US Sega saturn JAP Sega saturn EU Genre Retroachievements (at this point genre and retroachievements are playlist) under genre i want add play list per genre (shoot,sports etc...) i've tried to do that but i can't add sport play list to genre play list. maybe i miss something let me know;)
  22. Hi all! I am currently making playlists. I would like to be able to make a playlist in a playlist. let me explain. Take for example a street fighter playlist if I take my current collection I have 4 or 5 street fighter alpha 3 I would like to be able to select a single street fighter alpha 3 Logo but that brings me to another play list offers all SFA3 that I have. I don't know if it's complicated but it can do a really nice thing. or choose on launch:)
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