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Platform Submissions (Standardization)


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On 6/5/2021 at 8:37 AM, meowish said:

I found this thread after I couldn't find a way to change PC Engine SuperGrafx to NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx. Do admins care/check these threads? You've had it up since April, and the WonderSwan's name is still the same.

To the best of my knowledge the data updates I submit are done in a few days per upload.  However literal name changes like WonderSwan to Bandai WonderSwan sadly I have not seen any changes or impact. (Not sure if there is a hardcoded reason for it or not.  But can confirm there is not way for me to change the name in submissions. - Thus the reason I started this thread as well.)

I will try to get to a few more submissions this week.  I have been rather busy with work to the point I have been wiped when I am done. 

Thanks again for the reply as it gets me excited to do things again. :) 

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Its also worth noting that none of the information provided in this thread is, or can be added to the database by other users. The only person that can edit/add Platform details to the database is Jason, know one else has access to that. So this information provided here is for users to manually add to their personal setups, its not available from the database for all users, just the users that stumble across this thread.

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