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  1. I made the following submissions on 10/22/2018 ~3:00AM UTC. Thanks GamingZone
  2. I agree with that. I will change that submission and resubmit. (Change also below)
  3. Sure, but I am talking about duplicate Platforms as the root cause. The games are because user's were either unaware of the other entry or because of error. Thanks.
  4. Looking at the GamesDB https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/platforms/games/216 (Gamewave) is a duplicate of: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/platforms/games/172 (Game Wave Family Entertainment System) Looks like there is a lot of duplicate games there too. How are things like this fixed, and what is the impact to the end user that has them linked in their DB?
  5. Back from a long week at work I have submitted a few more:
  6. Yeah back in the 1980's they were really bad at naming things 😛 I'd like to add that it probably doesn't matter as much what the Game DB has in it as long as it is easy for an end user to find that game. The user can always name there launchbox title for that game whatever they want anyways.
  7. While I understand your frustration with naming some of these games were referred to as that name back in the day. Example: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Flame https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/990 Also shouldn't games in the database be the literal title on the front of the box? Sometimes that means the title doesn't "feel" right, but for prosperity this seems the most logical. Or am I understanding wrong and you are referring to a shortening of "AD&D" rather then "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons"? Thoughts?
  8. Thanks, Was not sure where this should go from a Newb perspective, thus why I asked there. I appreciate the help so far. ~Gaming Zone
  9. 1. How do we submit to get new platforms added to the Games DB? - A good Example is `Pioneer Palcom LaserDisc` which appears in a few themes (or has a Unified Video on Emumovies) as a possible Platform. 2. For Platforms on the Games DB there, what is the process for image control? It would be nice to see the default Bannar's and clear logos that would be downloaded for the platform, In fact it would also be nice to see multiple versions of the devices as images as well (Example Atari 2600 had multiple different versions in it's long print run.) 3. As a community (or as the Games DB Moderators) should there not be a defined method to the naming of the Platforms rather then most following a pattern and few not? - Naming for most follow the pattern [Producer] [Game System] where some systems are missing there producer, like the `Bandai Wonderswan` or the `Panisonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer`, named `Wonderswan` and `Interactive Multiplayer` respectively.
  10. A small feature I would love to see is a previous and next button on the Edit Game Modal window to edit multiple games without going back to the main list and having to perform two more clicks to edit the next game in the list. Another feature I would love to see is the ability to remember a specific name for emumovies to scrape with. If I prefer to name my collection like `Game: Subtitle` I don't want to have to change this to `Game - Subtitle` or some other obscure name just to try and get up to date emu movies content again. Either a emumovies override field added to the Other tab, or some back end magic to handle this would be great.
  11. Here are what I have submitted so far,
  12. So i revised the text i put together for consoles. I have made the submissions to the GamesDB for the following so far: Atari Consoles. (A lot of what we have is just cut and paste for Wikipedia anyway.) My goal was to have as concise a description as I could put together in one paragraph of information. The paragraph has the following: 1. A sentence describing the name, console generation, and publisher. 2. A sentence with the primary country's release date and price. 3. A sentence for other released countries and years. 4. A sentence talking about a defining feature of the device. 5. A sentence describing the discontinuation date of the platform. These descriptions seem to look decent in the Unified Redux Big Box Theme. Any other information that seems super necessary when viewing in say BigBox or the GamesDB mainly?
  13. I know that I can make suggestions to the details of a Platform on the Games DB, but I was wondering would people be more accepting to see similar notes on all platforms? It seems that it would be nice to have consistency, especially if the info is displayed in Bigbox. I know I have seen a few that are very thorough on the system, and others that are lucky to have a sentence. I am going through mine and replacing with text like this: I am at a point that I have gotten a lot from the community and I am willing to give back if it would be appreciated. Thoughts?
  14. I don't think there is an issue on LaunchBox's side. I just triggered a download from my email link and downloaded the file in about a minute.
  15. Can you describe a little further please? Are you attempting to download from just Launchbox or are you also expecting to get information from EmuMovies?
  16. Redundancy is always your best friend. I have an 8 TB External Drive that I have a backup of all of my collection on. In a perfect world I would have a server room in my house with a multi-hard Drive storage array. But the days of backing up all of these files on physical media (CD, BR, Floppy ) is long gone.
  17. Thanks for the quick reply. I can deal with the downtime. I just wanted to make sure the issue was not on my end. Thanks
  18. Greetings all, So i left LaunchBox on overnight to download metadata. It completed and it appears all images and movies were downloaded. What I am seeing now though is that I cannot connect to EmuMovies from LaunchBox this morning. Anyone else have this issue? Details: I have rebooted the PC in case there was an issue there. I have logged into EmuMovies manually and the Username/Password are accepted. I have updated the Username/Password in LaunchBox. I am a Lifetime EmuMovies subscriber so I should have no limit cap, and I have been so for over a year. I can access the EmuMovies FTP site with no issues. Any help would be appreciated.
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