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File Format for PS1 Games

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Hello! I have a LB/BB -RetroArch question... Is there a prefered file format for LB/BB for the different roms?  for example, I have my PS1 games in folders with the .pbp and .ini files inside.  However, this seems to create dummy entries with LB/BB scans the folder.  Should I/ Can I convert those to .zip or .iso and let LB scan them that way?  This also seemed to happen with my Dreamcast roms.  I am sure I can go in and hide 'broken' games from the gui, but I would rather just scan what I need.  Thanks for your help!

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Hi @sirpigpin

To add to @zugswang's answer, search from the top level PS1 rom folder using the highlighted search field in File Explorer. That will then list only pbp files. Once the search is complete, select them all and drag them into LaunchBox to be imported. In this case you're probably best off removing all the PS1 games from LaunchBox first, then importing them again. The same technique can be used for any file type, including gdi or cue files.


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