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How to identify who edits/users causing a mess


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11 minutes ago, alissongamer said:

I would like to ask again to create a way to see who is making edits and request a ban, because someone has been making wrong edits and changes and wanting to mess everything up for days.


Jason can see which users are submitting, so database moderators should report these issues and we will deal with them. I personally dont agree that moderators should be able to see the what user is making the edits, as that could be cause for people to start harassing others.

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It's sometimes really sad seeing people having no use of their time but to try to spam a database. It's doesn't even sound fun. Could be also a mental issue, who knows  - but it's quite pathetic.

What you can do is PM @Jason Carr, show him a screenshot like you just did and then he can ban trolls.

I also think that a simple "Report misuse" button might make it easier for moderators and sending the troll back to its cave faster.
(And of course misusing that button would also result into a ban xD)

Edit: I agree with neil9000 about keeping moderators anonymous to each other on the database. We can openly discuss about moderating differences on the forum when necessary.

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