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bulk change rom extension?

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nope, sorry if i wasn’t clear.

i used to have all wbfs files for wii games.  and launch box points to this wbfs’s as that’s what was imported.

ihave since zipped them up so they are all now 7z files.

we’ll launchbox is still looking for the wbfs.  i can go into games individually and change the file extension to 7z.  but is there a way to bulk change that extension?

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I personally just use Find and Replace in a text editor and edit the XML files. Would replace ".wbfs</ApplicationPath>" (without quotes) with ".zip</ApplicationPath>" (without quotes). I'd make sure to back up the file you are editing before you do it though just incase you screw something up and need to revert the changes.

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Can confirm the above. Have done this many times changing extention to .chd or to and from zip. Works like a charm. Just to be clear you're going into the data folder in launchbox finding the system xml and just find and replace. Recommend notepad++, it's free. Alternately, if you delete all the roms and just reimport, match to LB database but turn off all the art (you don't need to download it again) it only takes a couple minutes.

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