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Problem with latest tutorial by ETA PRIME for Philips-CDi

Johnny T

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Hi all,

This isn't an LB problem but thought I'd post here as someone may still be able to help me.

I was trying to follow ETA Prime's recent video on setting up Philips CD-i.

However, when I try and run a game (even directly from Retroarch) I just get to the menu screen.


If I click (i.e. press the "z" key) on Play CD-i then the game runs fine. However, it's not autolaunching the game?

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm getting lost in myriads of old posts/threads about getting Philips CD-i to work in MESS / MAME etc and can't seem to find an answer to this specific problem?

Many thanks 🙂

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By default, that is the CDi behavior to stop at that launch screen and MAME is just emulating that behavior (RA just uses stripped MAME core).  You can map controller pad/stick to move the mouse and click the button as one option (and easiest). 

In the settings button, the next screen has the option "Auto FTS" which is the option to auto play a music CD (auto favorite track select) but doesn't do anything for non-audio CDi discs. Plus, MAME doesn't seem to save the setting anyway. 


You might be able to use the MAME -autoboot command to send the keyboard mouse click command (or an AHK in LB), but the issue ultimately is the cursor has to be over the play button for that work.  

Another option is to use save states post that launch screen and have MAME load that up.  

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Thanks for that Sundogak. In the recent ETA Prime video he seems to just be able to launch straight into a game 

It's not a major problem to click the button but just wondered how he'd managed to make his boot straight into the game.

Thanks for all your help. I'll have a play around but, if I can't suss it, as I say - it's not a problem :):) 

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Hello everyone, hopefully I get some response here in the forum since on youtube and discord i got no luck.

So i have followed the tutorial to the letter and i have the right bios and i have roms in .chd format as shown on the tutorial, but my games instead of starting, they stop at the console dashboard and i need to to press play to launch it with the controller, while on the video it doesn't do that. Do i need a specific command line to add to retroarch to make it bypass the dash? I can't figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, faeran said:

Pretty sure ETA just did a cut to move the video along quicker. It probably should have been explained in the video.

Like @sundogak already mentioned, seeing the dashboard is just the normal operation of the Philips CD-i.

That would make sense, as in that section he seems to fast-forward the video.

Thanks for taking the time to reply @faeran its probably what happened :)

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I've managed to glean some more information about this.

The Retroarch same_cdi emulator doesn't (currently) support Digital Video Cartridge games. So the following games won't work (thanks to a Reddit user called ZadocPaet for putting this list together)

A full list of CD-i games that use the Digital Video Card

Atlantis - The Last Resort

Brain Dead 13

Caesar’s World of Boxing

Chaos Control

Chistmas Country

Chistmas Crisis


Cluedo The Mysteries Continue

Creature Shock

Crime Patrol

Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars

De Zaak Van Sam

Do you remember the 60s

Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair II - Time Warp

Invasion from the Planet Skyron

Kingdom - The Far Reaches

Kingdom II - Shadoan

Litil Divil

Lost Eden

Lucky Luke - The Video Game

Mad Dog II - The lost Gold

Mad Dog McCree

Mutant Rampage: Bodyslam

Solar Crusade

Space Ace

Strip Poker Pro

Tetsuo Gaiden

The 7th Guest 1

The Last Bounty Hunter

The Lost Ride

Thunder in Paradise

Ultra CD-i Soccer

Uncover Featuring Tatjana


Who Shot Johnny Rock?

World Cup Golf


A Great Day at the Races

Great American Golf 2

Master Labyrinth

Rise of the Robots

Space Ranger - Alpha (prototype)

The Apprentice


I'm sure support for these will come in the future but not available for now.

So, as per the great help on this forum I'm left with the conclusion that we need to click "Play CD-i" as a second step when running the game and also bear in mind that 'some' games will not yet run.

Hope this helps others in the same boat 🙂

(thanks again to everyone for their help)

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